Investing in Entrepreneurs for
the Benefit of Kids.


We are experienced company founders and builders who have been actively involved in starting, growing, managing, financing and supporting high-growth technology companies. As investors, we have invested in over 60 high-tech investments in the past few years which have a combined equity today of over $20 billion.


We define expertise as the number of mistakes one has made. That makes us experts. We have been through the process of startup and growth, competition and change, financing, investing, merging and IPO. Not just from an inactive investor/advisor standpoint, but right in the trenches. Like numerous other venture groups, we bring creative funding to our ventures. However, two things make us unique:

We approach investment from an entrepreneur's view. The profit from our fund goes to those who deserve it.


Our Investments are our Partners: We are unique in that we have one limited Partner who allows us to pick and choose our investments not based just on financial return. Our involvement requires time and effort. With that, our selection criterion is based on many principles, one of which is simple: we look for partnerships with which we can have fun. This is key to us. We invest far more than money in our partnerships. We bring to our investments direct experience managing and growing national and international companies ranging in size from two to over one thousand employees.


Profits go to people who deserve them: At the end of the day, the single minded drive of the founders and management teams of the companies in which we invest will make their enterprises successful. Whether companies receive funding from us or from other sources, they can be proud of the direct relationship between hard work and success, and can enjoy the additional satisfaction of knowing that success will also benefit those who deserve it most. We direct all of our investments’ “upside” return to the Kirlin Foundation. The goal is to put $100 Million to work for kids.

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We work with our partnerships to put winning programs and systems in place. Key areas of support that eFund provides:

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