How Can I Fix Mold and Lead Paint Issues in My House on a Small Budget? that is very bad but i do not think my state (Virginia) would do something like that because virginia is a very clean and green state. They should test the water before they use any of it. Soon after the city began supplying residents with Flint River water in April 2014, residents started complaining that the water from their taps looked, smelled, and tasted foul. It rose a GM company town, home to scores of car plants in the area over the decades. Denials and delays from city officials have failed to keep residents safe from high levels of lead in their drinking water. Flint, Michigan 1963 Interesting facts $1.25 Segregation in Flint In 1960 Flint's population spiked and reached to 200,000 which made it the second biggest city in Michigan. Governor Snyder seemed to signal the all-clear in April 2018 when he announced that the city would stop providing bottled water to residents. The state now requires its public schools to test their drinking water for lead. That is exactly what the residents of Flint, Michigan too thought. In early 2016, a coalition of citizens and groups—including Flint resident Melissa Mays, the local group Concerned Pastors for Social Action, NRDC, and the ACLU of Michigan—sued the city and state officials in order to secure safe drinking water for Flint residents. Over the course of his investigation, 15 people have been charged as criminally responsible for causing or contributing to the crisis. Thanks for signing up. Even more alarming were findings reported in September 2015 by Flint pediatrician Mona Hanna-Attisha: The incidence of elevated blood-lead levels in children citywide had nearly doubled since 2014—and nearly tripled in certain neighborhoods. According to the 2010 census, Flint has a population of 102,434, making it the seventh largest city in Michigan.The Flint metropolitan area is located entirely within Genesee County. Why Is it So Easy for Officials to Cover Up Drinking Water Scandals? They planned to do so for two years until a new state-run water supply system was ready and would bring water from the Great Lakes. © Natural Resources Defense Council 2020 Privacy Policy Youngzine A story of environmental injustice and bad decision making, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, began in 2014, when the city switched its drinking water … A sheriff in Michigan took off his helmet and marched with protesters over the death of George Floyd last week. It turns out that water flowing through the pipes into Flint homes was contaminated. Flint’s water supply was plagued by more than lead. In March 2016, the coalition took additional action to address an urgent need, filing a motion to ensure that all residents—including children, the elderly, and others unable to reach the city’s free water distribution centers—would have access to safe drinking water through a bottled water delivery service or a robust filter installation and maintenance program. Rick Snyder's administration in scrutiny and criminal charges against a number of public officials. If you are concerned about your own drinking water, take a look at your water utility’s annual water quality report (also called a consumer confidence report), which is usually posted online and is required to disclose if contaminants have been found in your water. More than 15 months ago, residents of Flint started noticing that water coming through their pipes looked, smelled and tasted funny. Strengthening existing government protections, including the Lead and Copper Rule, is also critical. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM EVERYDAY OF THEIR LIFE. The federal action level for lead is not a health-based number; it merely is an administrative trigger for remediation by the water utility. Flint’s crisis with drinking water contamination has been cast as a unique series of fumbles and cover-ups. After officials repeatedly dismissed claims that Flint’s water was making people sick, residents took action. As Hanna-Attisha noted, “Lead is one of the most damning things you can do to a child in their entire life-course trajectory.” In Flint, nearly 9,000 children were supplied lead-contaminated water for 18 months. Michigan being a heavily wooded state Michigan was a prime region for the lumber trade. In November 2016, a federal judge sided with Flint residents and ordered the implementation of door-to-door delivery of bottled water to every home without a properly installed and maintained faucet filter. local residents joined with NRDC and other groups, serious health impacts—even madness and death, Fighting the Tide of Watered Down Justice, Inside the Fight for Clean Water in Newark, At Least 82 Percent of New York Schools Have a Lead Problem, An Uphill Battle, and Persistence, in Flint. Everyone in Flint has a story about General Motors. That, along with blood tests of several children in Flint confirmed that lead content was very high and far beyond approved limits. As the highly corrosive, iron-laden water flowed through the pipes, it caused the lead to leach and poison the water supply. But as of October 2018, only a little more than 7,500 pipes had been upgraded. Despite protests by residents lugging jugs of discolored water, officials maintained that the water was safe. The Flint water crisis begins On April 25, 2014 officials from Flint, Michigan switched the city’s water supply to the Flint River as a cost-cutting measure for the struggling city. Joe Posner explains. As the matter became public, the city urgently sought help from the Federal Government. Flint, city, seat (1836) of Genesee county, eastern Michigan, U.S.It lies along the Flint River, 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Detroit.It originated in 1819 as a trading post opened by Jacob Smith. I think that they should have kept an eye on the water because those pipes look nasty. Both problems pose significant health risks, but many people grappling with them can’t afford major renovations—and can’t move out. Five-month-old Dakota Erler of Flint gets blood drawn from her heel in order to have her lead levels tested at Carriage Town Ministries in 2016. It is most important, though, that you notify your water utility. The unfortunate truth is that these mistakes were avoidable. Youngzine is a one-of-a-kind Web site where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world -- in a simple, engaging and interactive manner. Michigan is now leading the way, strengthening the state Lead and Copper Rule to require that all lead service lines be replaced within 20 years, among other provisions. NRDC attorney Albert Huang shows us the range of solutions to consider. To protect our water supplies, it is crucial that we upgrade our nationwide water infrastructure, prioritizing the replacement of an estimated 6.1 million lead service pipes. A more momentous win came the following March with a major settlement requiring the city to replace the city’s thousands of lead pipes with funding from the state, and guaranteeing further funding for comprehensive tap water testing, a faucet filter installation and education program, free bottled water through the following summer, and continued health programs to help residents deal with the residual effects of Flint’s tainted water. But for the struggling motor town, the recession had forced them to look for ways to cut costs. FLINT, MI - Almost half of the people in the city of Flint are living in poverty. Flint, Michigan, tried to save money on water. For years the state has ignored its foamy rivers and water supplies contaminated with chemicals called PFASs. Although the river water was highly corrosive, Flint officials failed to treat it, and lead leached out from aging pipes into thousands of homes. Between 6000 to 12000 children have been exposed to lead contamination in drinking water over this period. The water in the Flint River has a lower ph, and more chlorides (salts) in it. Here's what you need to know. Here’s why―and what you can do to help. Here’s how the lead contamination crisis unfolded—and what we can learn from it. But few districts have made it clear how they’re addressing the troubles at their taps. When we open the tap to take a drink of water, we assume it is safe, right? Flint is where GM was born more than 100 years ago. The FAST Start program implemented by the city in March 2016 is working to replace the thousands of lead and galvanized steel service lines that connect Flint water mains to city homes by 2020. What happened in Flint seemed unthinkable in modern America. The US state of Michigan says it has agreed a preliminary settlement to pay $600m (£455m) to victims of the Flint water crisis. But the work of Flint residents and their advocates isn’t finished yet. Flint had to pay for water that it received from Lake Huron through Detroit's water system. The city found itself in a precipitous decline: Flint’s population has since plummeted to just 100,000 people, a majority of whom are African-American, and about 45 percent of its residents live below the poverty line. Flint’s Water Crisis Flint is known as the largest city in Genesee County, Michigan, United States. But they could not have been more wrong. But the 1980s put the brakes on that period of prosperity, as rising oil prices and auto imports resulted in shuttered auto plants and laid-off workers, many of whom eventually relocated. This was a clear violation of Federal rules. man I wish the state governor has that kid of water. Residents … Long before the recent crisis garnered national headlines, the city of Flint was eminently familiar with water woes. The only issue was Flint river was filthy and heavily contaminated with iron. America is facing its second lead crisis. It seemed like all those people came out of their houses when JFK entered Flint and thousands of people The Natural Resources Defense Council works to safeguard the earth - its people, You can go one step farther by having your water tested, either by your water supplier (which may provide this service for free) or by a certified lab. Later studies would reveal that the contaminated water was also contributing to a doubling—and in some cases, tripling—of the incidence of elevated blood lead levels in the city’s children, imperiling the health of its youngest generation. In a deal that could close a chapter on one of the country's worst public health disasters in recent memory, most of … We all should be grateful that we have clean water. The Flint water crisis is an ongoing public health crisis that started in 2014, after the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan, was contaminated.In April 2014, Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water (sourced from Lake Huron and the Detroit River) to the Flint River.Officials failed to apply corrosion inhibitors to the water. they should have tested the water first before the used it then give bottled water from other states. Inadequate treatment and testing of the water resulted in a series of major water quality and health issues for Flint residents—issues that were chronically ignored, overlooked, and discounted by government officials even as complaints mounted that the foul-smelling, discolored, and off-tasting water piped into Flint homes for 18 months was causing skin rashes, hair loss, and itchy skin. Our rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and seas are drowning in chemicals, waste, plastic, and other pollutants. As the industries along the river’s shores evolved, so too did the city’s economy. … Though Flint is just 75 miles south of the Great Lakes, access to this fresh water source had become costly. Get the latest Flint, Burton, Clio, Davison, Fenton, Flint Township, Flushing, Grand Blanc, Swartz Creek, and Genesee County news, updates, photos and videos. Then, suddenly, the whole world was … All rights reserved. The Flint government needs to take the community's help more seriously , just as if it was affecting their own familys health problem ! Not surprisingly, the word plumbing is a derivative of plumbum, the Latin word for lead. But in the 1980s and 1990s, as the plants began to shut down and jobs disappeared, most of its residents left the town. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.”. State Disclosures. Among other officials charged are the state’s chief medical executive, Dr. Eden Wells, who allegedly threatened to withhold funds for a project after researchers began looking into the Legionnaires’ outbreak, and four state officials charged with tampering with lead test results and instructing residents to flush their taps ahead of testing (which can produce artificially low lead-level results). Nearly one in six of the city’s homes has been abandoned. A study conducted the following year by researchers at Virginia Tech revealed the problem: Water samples collected from 252 homes through a resident-organized effort indicated citywide lead levels had spiked, with nearly 17 percent of samples registering above the federal “action level” of 15 parts per billion (ppb), the level at which corrective action must be taken. Another Huge Drinking Water Fail Surfaces in Michigan, Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know. Meanwhile, Governor Snyder has not been charged with any crime. You'll receive your first NRDC action alert and update email soon. They used lead in the pipes for their famous baths as well as their aqueducts. That is exactly what the residents of Flint, Michigan thought as well. Large doses of lead exposure in adults has been linked to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, and reduced fertility. Though not without flaws, the rule now gives the state the strongest lead drinking water protections in the country. While action by the water utility is required once the level of lead in public water supplies reaches 15 ppb (as measured at the 90th percentile of samples collected), the EPA acknowledges that “there is no safe level of exposure to lead.” Independent tests conducted in fall 2015 revealed that nearly 17 percent of samples from hundreds of Flint homes measured above the 15 ppb federal lead action level, with several samples registering above 100 ppb. Even if studies indicate Flint’s water is safe, it’s tough to expect its families to drink a glass of tap water without fear. That is exactly what the residents of Flint, Michigan thought as well. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, exposed major health and environmental concerns for residents and prompted new scrutiny of access to clean drinking water in the U.S. Meanwhile, Flint decided to switch back to the Detroit water supply. What Happened in Flint? Nearly three years after winning a $97 million legal settlement that required the city of Flint to replace its lead water service lines, NRDC is still on the ground holding officials accountable, and using similar tactics as we demand clean water for the residents of Newark. In early 2016, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced an independent review to “determine what, if any, Michigan laws were violated” during Flint’s drinking water disaster. One of the few bright spots of the Flint water crisis was the response of everyday citizens who, faced with the failure of city, state, and federal agencies to protect them, united to force the government to do its job.